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Before Your Session...

You’re booked into my calander and you’re almost ready….

Frst, follow the three steps below so that you can get a better idea of what to expect from our session.

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Step #1 - Watch This Video That Explains the Details About Our Upcoming Session

Step #2 - Here's What To Expect Next...

First – Your booking is in my diary for the time we agreed on the phone. If you cannot arrive for whatever reason, please give me prior notice.

Please arrive at the EXACT time you booked for. If you are late, I cannot guarantee we will be able to have our session. There may not be enough time left in my schedule. 

Second – Make sure you’ve set aside time to watch the videos below before our session.

Be ready to dive deep into what it is you want, why improving your health and fitness is important to you and what you feel is holding you back. I am not there to judge you. Please feel comfortable to say anything/everything that comes to mind.

Step #3 - Watch These Two Videos Before Our Session

Watch Video #1

      ” This might be like other PTs…”
      Kevin had experienced a lot of the fitness industry… But sadly hadn’t seen results.
      Here’s what he feels is different about my coaching…

Watch Video #2

      ” I’m not sure I really need a personal trainer… “
      Shaun had never worked with a personal trainer before, he was apprehensive of wasting money.
      With a background in sports & coaching, who can blame him! He already knew about fitness.

Watch Video #3

      How to waste time & money with a personal trainer

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