Need Help With Fitness & Nutrition?

If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed with health, fitness & nutrition advice…

If you’ve ever felt you don’t have the motivation to stick to your healthy habits…

If you’ve ever felt like you’ll never manage to reach your goals…

Then you’re in the right place.

I help people overcome these frustrations every single day.

Sure, you could just google a program and try to follow it…

But the information you read online isn’t built for YOU. Everyone is unique. There is no one plan that suits everyone.

That diet plan you found online? It won’t work for you over the long term!

The youtube workout video you watched? It won’t help you reach your goals!

Here’s why: You don’t have the same genetics, lifestyle or movement capacity as anybody else. Generic plans just won’t work for your unique situation.

If none of that works… WHAT ACTUALLY WORKS?

Building eating habits specifically tailored to your own lifestyle and preferences

A workout plan crafted for your specific goals.

Accountability from a coach who knows you inside out.

You don’t need to figure out the perfect plan. With a coach, there’s no more guessing. I can use my years of experience to create a plan specifically tailored for you as a unique individual.

Instead of being frustrated, my clients are excited to take the next step. 

Instead of feeling overwhelmed by all the information and choices, they follow a simple plan that guarantees success.

Instead of getting angry for not having willpower, they follow a plan which doesn’t need willpower.

Don’t just take it from me

Here are some words straight form the mouth of my clients…

Kevin Kit 

Aesthetics Business Owner


(Yes… he travels to Glasgow to see me, I think he’s crazy too)

I was skeptical of being told what to do or being given a cookie cutter routine 

I signed up for a few consultations with various PTs. I was hestitant of working with any of them, due to my past experiences in the fitness industry.

But after our initial consultation, I was thinking “sign me up”. I could tell that Matt cared and could help me achieve what I truely wanted.

 5 years of delving in the fitness world & I couldn’t do a single pullup

Only 3 months after working with Matt,I learned how to do my first ever pullups and shifted my identity. I now don’t feel out of place in the gym.

I’ve built myself as a person and feel more confident in my day to day life.

Speak to Matt and see for yourself

There’s no sales with Matt. Don’t feel like you’re going to get conned, or pressured into something that isn’t for you. 



Shaun Tansley

Sports Coach


I had never worked with a personal trainer before & was apprehensive 

I felt awful.

Since becoming busy as a sports coach my fitness levels just disappeared.

I tried to play a game of football back in February and I couldn’t run I had a double stitch I couldn;t control the football. 

Go and speak to Matt.

Since working with Matt I have lost nearly a stone and a half.

I feel so much healthier, so much fitter and my confidence is obviously going up as well.

 He will help you and guide you. Reassure you and help you achieve success.


If you want results like my clients, the next steps are easy:

1- Book a call into my calander below.

2 – We’ll have a quick chat and I’ll offer you some advice.

3 – If I think you need my help and I’m 101% sure I can help you, we can talk about what working together might look like.

There’s nothing to sell – only valuable advice to be gained.